e Books

Ref No. Title
e Book - 03 Bamboo In Construction download
e Book - 04 Bamboo Preservatlon Technlques : A Review Published jointly by INBAR and ICFRE. download
e Book - 02 Bamboo, People and The Environment - Volume 3 - Engineering and Utilization by International Development Research Centre download
e Book - 01 Investigation on optimisation of kiln drying of the bamboo species by World Bamboo Congress April 2012 download
e Book - 06 KFRI Handbook No.16: Preservative Treatment of Bamboo And Bamboo Products download
e Book - 07 Preserving Bamboo with Borates by ECHO Asia Notes download
e Book - 05 Training Manual - Preservation of Bamboo by National Mission on Bamboo Applications. download