KFRI Bambusetum (a garden having a collection of bamboo plants) at the field research centre of Kerala Forest Research Institute in Velupadam near Thrissur district of Kerala, India, is home to a wide variety of bamboo species. Established in 1988 as part of the IDRC Bamboo project, this bamboo world has in store around 63 species of bamboo varieties from the country and outside. Valuable information on clump development, culm production and growth parameters like culm length, culm girth, etc. are being gathered, computed and analyzed for productivity of these valuable Bamboos. Effect of management practices like weeding, soil working, selective cutting etc. on the production potential of each of these species is being closely monitored.

The KFRI-Bambusetum aims to have an exhaustive collection of Sympodial bamboos that can be grown in a typical agro-climatic zone and to gather invaluable scientific information on bamboo growth in state. The Bambusetam also serves as genetic resource for future crop improvement programmes and for forest managers and farmers. Read more at KFRI - Bambusetum Page