Books on Bamboo and Rattan

Ref No. Title
ISBN 81-85041-11-03 A Manual on the Rattans of Andaman and Nicobar Islands more
ISBN 81-85041-50-4 An annotated Bibliography on Bamboos of the World more
ISBN 81-85041-49-0 Annotated Bibliography on Rattans of the World more
ISBN 81-85041-37-7 Bamboo Resource Development and Utilization in Kerala: Proceedings of the International Workshop, Thiruvananthapuram July 2002. more
ISBN 81-86247-25-4 Bamboos of India: A Compendium more
ISBN 81-85041-35-9 Commercial Bamboos of Kerala more
ISBN 81-85041-34-2 Commercial Rattans of Kerala more
Edible Bamboo Shoot Recipes: more
Edible Bamboo Shoots: Collection and Processing (Malayalam) more
ISBN 81-85041-22-5 Field Identification Key for Rattans of Kerala more
ISBN 81-85041-32-6 Field Identification Key to Native Bamboos of Kerala more
ISBN 81-85041-51-2 Information Resources for Bamboo and Cane Development in Kerala more
ISBN 81-85041-41-5 Micropropagation of Bamboo and Rattan more
ISBN 81-85041-43-1 Nursery and Silviculture Techniques for Bamboos more
ISBN 81-85041-39-3 Nursery and Silviculture Techniques for Rattans more
Oil Curing Technology for Value-added Rattan (Cane) Products more
ISBN 81-85041-33-4 Policy and Legal Issues in Cultivation and Utilisation of Bamboo, Rattan and forest Trees in Private and Community Lands: Proceedings of the National Workshop Peechi, 2002 more
ISBN 81-85041-42-3 Preservative Treatment of Bamboo and Bamboo Products more
ISBN 81-85041-38-5 Protection of Rattan against Fungal Staining and Biodeterioration more
ISBN 81-85041-07-5 Rattan Management and Utilisation: Proceedings of the Rattan (cane) Seminar 29-31 January 1992, Trichur more
ISBN 81-85041-06-7 Rattans of the Western Ghats: A Taxonomic Manual more