Calamus vattayila Renuka

Common Name: Vattayilayan, Ottaman
Acc. No. 126

Distribution: This species is very sporadic in occurrence even though it is seen throughout the W. Ghat region of Kerala and Karnataka. Generally seen in the evergreen forests between 200 to 750 m asl (Renuka, 1992b).

Provenance collected: Seeds were collected from Nilambur.

Nature of species: This is a single stemmed, medium diameter rattan, stem without sheaths to 1.8 cm in diameter and is a moderately strong cane (Bhat, 1992). No variation is noted so far among the different populations.

Flowering: September – October.

Fruiting: May – June.

Conservation status:Vulnerable (Renuka, 2001).

Uses: A good quality cane, but not available in required quantities.

References: Renuka, C.,Bhat,K.V.,Pandalai,R.C. 2010. Rattans of India. Kerala Forest Research Institute,Peechi,Thrissur,Kerala.pp.142