Calamus travancoricus Bedd. ex Becc. & Hook .f.

Common Name: Arichural
Acc. No. 113

Distribution: This rattan is seen in the evergreen forests from 200 – 500 m asl in Kerala and Karnataka part of W. Ghats (Renuka,1992b).

Provenance collected: Seeds were collected from Ariencavu.

Nature of species: This is a very slender, clustering rattan, stem without sheaths to 0.4 cm in diameter. The cane is of very good quality but at present not available in sufficient quantities. Variation is noted in the size of the fruit in the populations seen at Moozhiyar in the Ranni Forest division.

Flowering: October – November.

Fruiting: May – June.

Conservation status:It is reported to be ‘Vulnerable’ (Renuka, 2001).

Uses: Used in handicraft industries.

References: Renuka, C.,Bhat,K.V.,Pandalai,R.C. 2010. Rattans of India. Kerala Forest Research Institute,Peechi,Thrissur,Kerala.pp.136-139