Calamus rotang L.

Common Name: Cheru chural
Acc. No. 123

Distribution: C. rotang is restricted to plains and coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh (Renuka, 1992b).

Provenance collected: Seeds were collected from Padugai along the coast of River Cauveri , Trichi.

Nature of species: This is a clustering, slender rattan, stem without sheaths to 1 cm in diameter.

Flowering: September- October.

Fruiting: March – May.

Conservation status:Vulnerable (Renuka, 2001).

Uses: It is reported to be a very good quality cane but not available in sufficient quantities. Used in the furniture industry. Fruits are edible.

References: Renuka, C.,Bhat,K.V.,Pandalai,R.C. 2010. Rattans of India. Kerala Forest Research Institute,Peechi,Thrissur,Kerala.pp.123