Calamus guruba (Buch. – Ham.) ex Mart.

Common Name:
Acc. No. 119

Distribution: This species is seen in West Bengal, Assam and Meghalaya. Its distribution extends to Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand (Basu, 1992).

Provenance collected: The seeds were collected from the population in Assam.

Nature of species: This is a cluster forming slender rattan, stem without sheath to 1 cm in diameter.

Flowering: January- March.

Fruiting: March –April

Conservation status:At Lower risk.

Uses: Largely used for making rough baskets. Used in furniture industry also.

References: Renuka, C.,Bhat,K.V.,Pandalai,R.C. 2010. Rattans of India. Kerala Forest Research Institute,Peechi,Thrissur,Kerala.pp.71